Tools Of The Landscaping Art

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About This Blog – Its Intent December 8, 2009

There are any number of ways to approach landscaping as trade and as art. Naturally, there are the gorgeous efforts of Landscape Architects and Designers as pure Eye Candy – and it is substantially satisfying. My approach is different – decidedly so.

This blog is about the “doing” – the construction process itself. I have another blog which covers much of this. But that blog has morphed into more personal realms as blogs often do – and it should, because I enjoy people and sharing memoir-type things. They give me a chance to show off a little and who doesn’t enjoy that?

I have been at the landscaping game for my entire working life. I have constructed nice little landscapes around charming homes and people and I have constructed golf courses and the Portland Oregon Chinese Garden. I feel I have what has to amount to abundant experience using the tools of my trade. In this blog I intend to fully explain what the tools of that trade are and what they mean, slouching towards conclusions of construction projects in landscaping.

This is a blog for tool lovers.

And this is your nerd guide.


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