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Battery-Powered Tools March 21, 2010

Filed under: Hand Tools — stevesned @ 5:08 pm

For the ultimate in portability and function, landscapers and – well heck – everyone alive who weilds any tool at all should welcome this stunning pass in electronics. These days, if I have to fix a fence or cut and repair a pipe in some narrow little trench, with a pipe sunk 2 feet below the surface of the ground, there are new, exciting and very easy ways to find a remedy. I can now pack up a battery-powered circular saw or Sawzall or drill or just exactly anything in the power tool realm these days, snap a battery on and be working productively in seconds flat. It used to be, I was  relegated to knuckle-busting hand tools owing to the remoteness from electrical outlets and the need for 300′ of extension cords in inclement weather.

A nice long Sawzall blade can cut through a pipe in a second or two while using only one hand. The tops of fences, the trimming of fence panels, trellises, Gazebo parts and the likes can be done with a lightweight, portable circular saw in those same seconds flat. Indeed, this technological advance achieves better work in less time, saving absolutely everyone – from client to businessman – a lot of time and money.

I must have owned 5-6 of these packages in my time. Naturally, we’re speaking of a guy who operates loud machines with bad visibility, so we’re talking about smashing even the best of tools owing to visibility problems and haste. Other folks value these items with their lives owing to their incredible utility. Just because I am a slob does not mean anyone else is. The value of these machines is absolutely irreplaceable.


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