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The Landscape Rake January 6, 2010

Filed under: Hand Tools — stevesned @ 5:09 pm

One of my first purchases for “tooling up” a landscaping operation is one of these shown above. Especially in environments which support the use and installations of large grass lawns, rakes like these are the business end of the “Final Grading” operation – the step that leads to actually laying down the sod. I have always typical gone for a 42″ size one – 3 and a half feet wide – because I found it met my own level of strength and ease of operation. Here, for example, is what a field prior to sodding looks like – as benefitted from its final raking with one of these big babies:

The wide swaths it addresses simply make it a far more functional plane for which evening things out and making a perfect surface with filling and cutting able to perform at the same time. The tines also actually do separate out such items as remaining roots and larger objects from the dirt itself, getting caught up when the rake is at a proper angle.

Enterprising landscapers can find any number of other uses as well, from final cleanups and scooting branches and debris into a pile to using the back straight plane for initial leveling for pavers, working on sand and base rock.

This tool is in every single landscaper’s arsenal for good reason.


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